Settings advisor

The settings advisor helps you to identify which configuration settings could improve the performance of your system.

The advisor automatically analyzes your current configuration; if suboptimal settings are found, it shows a notification when EXPLAIN is run. More details about suboptimal settings is shown when EXPLAIN VERBOSE is run. EXPLAIN ANALYZE displays additional suggestions based on the execution statistics to optimize the execution of that particular query. The settings advisor nicely integrates with the Performance analyzer (experimental), so if the latter is enabled, more dynamic suggestions may appear. The settings advisor covers most of the EPAS server settings, for a full list of recommendations see Recommended EPAS settings. Furthermore, it recommends tuning the operating system as described in Tune operating system.


swarm64da.enable_settings_advisor (boolean)

Enables or disables the settings advisor. The default is on.


SELECT * FROM swarm64da.show_advice();

Displays a list of advice about suboptimal settings.

SELECT * FROM swarm64da.show_checked_settings();

Displays a complete list of all checked settings, including the suboptimal settings.