Access the database and load the extension

Instructions to connect to your EPAS database and load the Swarm64 DA extension.
  1. Switch to a user with access to the database:
    sudo su - enterprisedb
  2. Connect to the database:
    edb-psql -d postgres
  3. Load the Swarm64 DA extension:
    CREATE EXTENSION swarm64da;

    A NOTICE is printed when executing the first SQL command through a connection to a database for which the swarm64da extension has not been created yet. This behavior is controlled by the following configuration parameter:

    swarm64da.enable_notice_not_created_extension (boolean)

    Enables or disables the reminder to create the extension. The default is on.

  4. Verify that the Swarm64 DA extension is loaded correctly and look up its version number:
    SELECT * FROM swarm64da.get_version();