Release notes 5.4.0 as of 2021-03-09

New functionality

The following features are new in this release:

[SDB-9284], [SDB-9285], [SDB-9782]

The columnstore index supports better hybrid transactional-analytical workloads. The data covered by the index is less likely to be invalidated. The columnstore does no longer require an aggressive vacuuming policy, via autovacuum, instead it relies on its own background process.


Support for PostgreSQL 13.

[SDB-9155], [SDB-9751]

Support for Debian 10.


Better support for mixed workloads and schemas.


The following features are improved in this release:


Setting advisor descriptions better match the values suggested.


The following issues are fixed in this release:


The output buffer is also emitted even if only a subplan of a query is parallel.


Setting advisor suggested values follows the expected syntax by the database.

Known issues

The following known issue is in this release.


When your database crashes during checkpointing or recovery because of external reasons, in rare cases it might render a columnstore index unusable. If this happens, drop and re-create the index again.