Release notes 5.5.0 as of 2021-04-26

New functionality

The following features are new in this release:


The settings advisor now covers settings that depend on your specific hardware.


For a more successful installation, now you are reminded of follow-up steps after creating or updating the extension, or loading the license.


You can now analyze query performance and workloads via additional information in the EXPLAIN output and the performance analyzer (still experimental).


You can now manually update all columnstore index caches with the swarm64da.columnstore_update_full() function.


Support for all CPUs with the x86-64 architecture.


The following features are improved in this release:


Adjusted the IO priority in columnstore scans and accelerated sequential scans, so your transactional queries have a more consistent performance.


Improved startup time and performance of the shuffle node for fast queries.


Improved the performance of the join node on columns with variable length data types.


The planner no longer emits columnstore scans on tables with low row estimates.


The following issues are fixed in this release:


Long running queries do no longer block progress of the columnstore updater.


Columnstore indexes no longer occasionally become unusable, when the database crashed during checkpointing or recovery because of external reasons.


The planner no longer emits the output buffer for queries that contain incompatible nodes, such as INTERSECT.


The planner no longer overstimate the row counts of columnstore scans for small row counts.


Columnstore scans do no longer fail in a standby node.


Columnstore indexes no longer oaccsionally become unusable when the original heap table is truncated.


Optimized anti and semi joins are used in more places.

Known issues

There are no known issues in this release.