Evaluate Swarm64 DA

Instructions and recommendations to evaluate Swarm64 DA.

You can evaluate Swarm64 DA by using a set of benchmarks that are provided in the S64 DA Benchmark Toolkit. To begin, checkout the corresponding v5.6.1 git tag. The toolkit sets up a database based on a recommended schema and prepares the system under test for benchmarking.

The following components are recommended for a workload or data set comparable in size to TPC-H SF 1000 (1TiB of data).




Intel® Xeon® Processor SP Family (“Skylake”) or later. At least 16 cores / 32 threads


192 GiB or more per socket, ideally 1 DIMM per channel


NVMe storage with SW RAID. Either PCIe-based or as SFF. SSD-based storage with HW RAID controller.