Install a license for Swarm64 DA

You need to install a Swarm64 DA license to benefit from any of its features.

The set of queries supported by Swarm64 DA remains the same, regardless of whether a valid license is installed or not. However, without a valid license the performance might be significantly reduced.

If no valid license is installed performance features will be disabled and the database log contains the message that the license could not be read.

The message will be identical if the license is installed but could not be read or validated. A separate message will be returned if license is expired or is not valid yet.

  1. Obtain a valid Swarm64 DA license file
    Contact Swarm64, see Contact customer support
  2. Load the license file:
    SELECT swarm64da.load_license('<path-to-license-file-on-server>');

    The function validates the license and copies it into the database data directory. Only the license file copied to the data directory will be used by the database.

  3. Examine the license:
    SELECT swarm64da.show_license();

    This will display the license type, the start date, the expiry date, and the customer identifier.